Our Programs

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A wide variety of competitive sports are offered for wheelchair athletes, including track and field, pentathlon (2 track and 3 field events), swimming, archery, fencing, weightlifting, table tennis, basketball, water-skiing, and tennis. Each sport follows the rules of the respective National Governing Body (example: U.S. Table Tennis Association).

By competing in local Adaptive Sports, USA sanctioned meets athletes are provided the opportunity to qualify for tournaments and events at the national level for wheelchair sports. FWWAA is proud that many of its members consistently earn berths on the ASUSA Teams which travel to international competitions, including the Paralympic Games

FWWAA and Paralympic Sport Club Silicon Valley conduct, sponsor, and actively support a number of sport-related programs, including:

  • Sponsors the annual Far West Regional Qualifying Meet held at different sites throughout the region
  • Supports the Desert Challenge Games, the largest multi-DSO competition in the western U.S. for people with physical disabilities. The games are sanctioned by ASUSA, National Disability Sport Alliance, and Disabled Sports, USA.
  • Co-sponsors the Northern California Junior Sports Camp, a camp designed to introduce and instruct youth in recreational and competitive wheelchair and ambulatory sport programs.
  • Sponsors national events
  • Conduct and co-sponsor monthly sports training clinics and sanctioned single and multi-sports events.
  • Provides information and referrals on wheelchair and ambulatory sport and recreation, and other topics of interest to the community.

FWWAA, Paralympic Sport Club Silicon Valley, in partnership with City of San José, All Access Sports, is proud to offer the following programs and team opportunities:

  • Adapted Fitness
  • Adapted Bowling
  • Annual Camps and Clinics
  • Archery
  • Northern California Junior Sports Camp
  • Paralympic Experience – an introduction into new sports
  • Power Wheelchair Soccer
  • Wheels on Fire (program for youth)
  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Tennis

For additional information about any of these programs and teams, please contact one of our Program Coordinators.

All events are subject to change based on participant enrollment.